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Full version of Brexit: The Movie – the crowdfunded film making the case for Britain to LEAVE the EU on June 23rd. FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD A high-quality Brexit: The Movie digital download…



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  1. brexit is fake news. If you imagine that the Tories can manage a
    successful brexit, that EU trade will be frictionless, that there will
    be no border in Northern Ireland after the UK leaves the EU, that the
    NHS is in receipt of £350 million a week after the vote.

  2. Because there is no chance whatsoever of the UK surviving brexit, it is in everybody's interest that it grinds on forever. Of course the rich and the fit will survive and the countries will still be here, but the successful trading mechanism, prosperity, and values will be gone.

  3. No matter how you look at brexit, two problems emerge, either you screw up the UK to leave the EU fully. OR you keep the economy and leave the EU in name only.

    The Tories, however, can dismantle the UK and keep us in the worst bits of the EU, at the same time…

  4. Here is a typical consequence of brexit that any child with a reading age of 7 or more could have predicted:

    Now the UK is agreeing to re-obey the CFP (Common Fisheries Policy) .
    Being enmeshed in the CFP forever because the UK is agreeing to re-obey
    the CFP in a new treaty which gives the EU grounds to claim continuity
    and continuation of rights under the Article 70 and Article 30 of the
    Vienna Convention of Treaties, so called "transition".

    Trapped in the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy with NO VETO OR VOTING RIGHTS allows the EU to abolish the 12-mile limit which protects Britain’s current rights. The EU will then enforce legislation to eradicate what’s left of the British fleet and then use international fisheries law, under UNCLOS Article 62.2, to claim the “surplus” resources we would no longer have the fleet capacity to fish.”

    The government is giving the UK away, to hold onto power, the leave vote is entirely responsible. Exit Brexit

  5. Tate and Lyle, that great British export company .. wait a minute .. they were sold to American Sugar Refining in 2010. Never mind about Airbus and all the car manufacturing that goes to Europe, and British farmers going bust when they are forced to compete with low waged economies and incur high tariffs with their largest ( 70% ) export market. Never mind about the loss of financial services and the EMA, the EBA. Never mind about Donald Trump putting 300% tariffs on British aviation parts and 25% on British steel and aluminium exports. Global Britain looks more like Little England from where I'm standing.

    And as for that monkey David Davis quoted as saying:
    "We have huge scope, huge scope for creating vast numbers of new jobs"
    "Outside Europe we could have prosperity on a level that we can't even imagine now"
    “One of the arguments put forward by the in-crowd, the remainers, is well you know .. it takes a long time for Europe to come up with a free trade agreement, it’s taken 9 years to come up with a free trade agreement with Canada .. well this is a very good reason to leave”

    Well Fuck me with a marrow, that good reason to leave ain't looking so great, now that he is begging the EU for a free trade deal
    Fantasy meets reality

  6. I lived in Germany for a number of years ,and found most Germans said they won the 2nd World War ,us winning was all a financial farce ,as most are very adamant they control us ,I am not sure what the population was like then if they are anything like younger generations are now I can believe it ,most like to take on a passive role and be controlled ,I like independence and playing a positive role so I voted OUT !

  7. The complete sell out that is brexit continues, expensive payments to EU, no single market and forbidden to trade elsewhere, whilst having no votes, but having to admit immigrants. Just run this video backwards for a happy ending.

  8. This should be required viewing for all British citizens – and European citizens too. That red bus which the remoaniacs are currently touring the UK in should be a cinema in which this movie is shown. Then let them argue down the points made in it…

  9. How much did Britain pay to join should be equal to what is paid to leave, if you paid 1 pound to join you should pay 1 pound to leave end of the story. When I saw what was coming years ago I called it Feudalism. Hitler was Paid by the German Banksters in America to recreate Feudalism in Europe where the Monarchy has total rule in Europe, Hitler was paid to recreate an Empire the first ring was the Continent of Europe. The next was to capture Africa which is why Obama was elected or selected to fool the Africans to take over their Continent, recolonization the Banksters of Wall Street spent Billions to put Obama in Office in America to convince the Africans it was good for them to be back in Slavery. America itself is set to be destroyed by European leaders,hence the Steel secret service scandal, refering to Trump, Trump is the missing Link, not one of the Establishment, while Trump sets to save America from destruction, divide and rule scams, the Establishment has a plot called the Witch Hunt.
    Feudalism is a very dangerous, place where they control what you eat, what you do and what you know. People going back to the Dark ages, Poverty and misery, homelessness and crime. The Dickens Era. When they take over all the continents the 5 Continents they made a film called the Lord of the Rings. They are destroying Syria, Africa, Iraq, they are after North Korea, Russia, Iran, and any where they can go to destroy the world to create CHAOS, and out of that Chaos, they call it Problem Reaction Solution. In otherwords they knew what they were doing all along. The Lord of the Rings and the Criminal elite, what is the RINGS THE 5 CONTINENTS AND 2012 OLYMPIC GAMES, AND THE WITCHCRAFT WE SAW BEFORE OUR EYES.

  10. America claim to be a Democracy, a lawless society, awash with guns and corrupt Politicans, Regime change for those who do not agree Democratically with America. Regime change and WAR. No accountability, just a load of people with rights and complaints and no logic. Why are they worried about the Internet, because that is where people get their News. They claim America is having Mass shootings, most od which is staged, why to create distraction from what is really going on, and to disarm the American to tear up America. What did Rothschilds say, I will bring America back into Slavery written in Blood, if not let myu right arm wither if I do not acheive the destruction of America. Why because the Americans went against the King of England, who was George the 3rd of Germany who came to England as the King, Who is Rothschilds a German Bankster from East Berlin. Who controls the Money controls the people. Whjy did Edward abdicate the Throne, they told you it was because of Mrs Simpson, no its because he was in with Hitler Plotting against the British. FACTS.

  11. "We hope to reach again a Europe united…in which men will be proud to say 'I am a European'. We hope that wherever we go in this wide domain, they will truly feel 'Here I am at home.'"

    Winston Churchill, Amsterdam, 9 May 1948

  12. Brexit, far from this film, has had certain effects that you you can check up on. Interest rates become low, non existent or sometimes even negative. This is because money is needed elsewhere. Quantitative easing has purchased dodgy debt from ailing big business so that the elites have plenty more. Finally to run the excesses of government much more money is borrowed to increase national debt. Prices go up because the pound is devalued, by "Fiscal Policy", and wages stagnate.

    So these are the things to check since June 2016

    1) Interest rates for savers are ultra low
    2) Bank has bought debt from bad businesses to the tune of 3 times GDP, so called QE.
    3) National debt has increased.
    4) The pound is just worth-less

  13. Brexit is a lost cause, this movie is only for amusement purposes. Why would we need even cheaper than already cheap sugar? Obviously we all need to eat more sugar. Most of the cost is tax in any case, Even our own products like whisky are a few pence, most of the cost is also added tax. Grow up and FUCK BREXIT!!!

  14. From the director who brought you ….WAIT FOR IT…. "the great global warming swindle". Tried his hand in climate science then moved onto his next hobby politics and economics. Is he a genius? A great enlightener? Naaah, just a contrarian trying to get views by reverse scaremongering you.