Bossi Shalaby recovers her memories with Izzat Abu Auf in an old way

Cairo – Howida Abu Simk

The death of the Egyptian artist Ezzat Abu Auf caused a great shock to his audience and friends, whose personal accounts saw a stirring of images bearing old memories with him.

Egyptian journalist Boussi Shalaby published a picture of her with the late artist, through her account on the site of "Entsagram", which included the artist Amr Yap, Fatima, the first wife of the artist Ezzat Abu Ouf, and artist Maha Abu Auf.

Bossi did not comment on the picture with anything, but the shot was admired by a large number of audiences who called for the artist's mercy and forgiveness.

Ezzat Abu Auf left after a week-long health crisis and heart and liver problems at the age of 70.

The Egyptian artist began his career as a musician, musician, and formed a technical band with his sisters entitled "The Fur M", and achieved great success.

In 1992, Izzat Aboouf began to break into the field of acting. His first film was Ice Cream in Glim, and his cinematic and dramatic work followed.

Ezzat participated in a number of successful films with the stars and his works: «A hot night, Bakhit and Adela, a woman shook the throne of Egypt, Omar and Salma», and others.

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