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  1. You ponies do realize that most people on PC are playing gears 5 on xbox game pass for PC Not through steam lol Phil Spencer's plan is working millions of PC players have signed up for xbox game pass on PC just to play gears 5 Steam's sales numbers are not important Xbox game pass subscriptions or going through the roof

  2. i am playing borderlands 3 on my ps4 pro. i have no problems. i am having a blast fl4k is fun has hell to play. ill try out the clone guy zane on my 2nd run. i was really shocked so many people have problems with the game. i am sorry a lot of ppl are not liking it that much . keep in mind this is my first borderlands game. i keep thinking they would be perfect for making a heavy metal game. most of you young guys will have no idea what heavy metal is but the older guys will

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