Bodybuilding Meal Prep 101 | IFBB Pro Romane Lanceford – اخبار مجنونة

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and Primeval Labs athlete Romane Lanceford shares his meal prep and explain why it’s important to do your own meal prep.
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| Cook Your Meals in Advance & Keep It Simple |
Preparing your meals in advance ensures that you won’t be tempted to make a detour into a fast food establishment. If you want to have a gourmet meal for dinner every day, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment since gourmet eating may take more prep time than you have.

Plan ahead by cooking your meals every other day, providing you with enough food for the next two days. If you are really busy, keep Sundays and Wednesdays as your ‘chef’ days. I normally eat breakfast at home unless I am doing morning cardio and am not returning home right away.

| Protein |
The richest sources of protein are animal foods such as chicken, meat, fish, cheese and eggs. However, plant proteins are believed to be healthier because of their lower fat content.

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