Blake Lefley strolls through the streets of New York with her husband before the arrival of their new baby

Translation – Gololy

The star and world actor Ryan Reynolds, his wife, American star Blake Lefley, was escorted to New York City recently, as shown in photographs of the paparazzi photographers.

This came as the world duo walked through the city streets as one of Hollywood's most important bidders awaited the birth of their third child.

He was accompanied by world star Blake Lefley and her husband, James, and Inez, who are four years old, while the second is still in her first two years.

Binary is one of the most important families in Hollywood because they are associated with a great love relationship. Newspapers and art sites are interested in highlighting them from time to time whenever they appear, and their relationship is not affected by the great difference between them because Ryan is 42 years old and Blake is 11 years younger because she does not exceed 31 Public.

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