Bird Songs – اخبار مجنونة

Bird Songs

Here are presented the following bird songs (some names sound pretty weird, esp. to a German native speaker): 00:00 blackbird 00:31 blue tit 00:49 great tit 01:09 yellowhammer 01:38…



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  1. I'm in Lethbridge Alberta, and I've gotta ask – WHERE THE FUCK HAVE ALL THE BIRDS GONE??? It's as though Rachel Carson's "SILENT SPRING" has finally come to pass. It's the kinda shit that I have to just let it make me feel depressed and suicidal about, 'cause if I don't then it makes me feel HOMICIDAL about it – Whomsoever is responsible for killing all of the birds should be made to learn these bird calls and THEY can go shiver outside and make the music, while the rest of us throw scraps of bread to them. And that would be a START towards making things right. I swear, this is the type of thing that makes you wanna fly an airplane into a building. What bothers me even more is how nobody else even seems to give a shit!