Beyonce wins six Emmys nominations for her new film

Translation – Gololy

The brilliant singer and singer Beyonce has won six nominations at the 71st EMA Awards for her short film "Homecoming," or "Homecoming", which is shown on the Netflix channel network.

On the other hand, the world star is preparing to enter a busy season at the awards race in the next six months, after nominating six different awards in the race, will enable her to compete in the Grammys and the upcoming Oscars.

Beyonce has been nominated for four Emmy nominations for her Lemonade album in 2016, but has not won any awards and is likely to be strongly involved in the upcoming Oscar for her song, The Lion King, which will be released on Friday.

The star and the American singer Beyonce, appeared in the latest images with a look that drew attention through social networking sites.

The world star appeared in the pictures B Overall was designed in the form of "happiest jungle", which symbolizes the strength and violence, two qualities of the world famous singer.

Beyonce has signed a $ 60 million contract with Netflix, through which he will execute three technical projects.

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