Beyonce 's daughter shares her new clip – اخبار مجنونة


Translation – Gololy

The singer and star Beyonce has unveiled the song "Spirit" for the film in which Beyonce performs the vocal performance of Nala's character.

It is noteworthy that the clip exceeded the barrier of 7 million views on the official Beyonce channel through YouTube, the clip that saw the participation of "Blue Effi" (seven years) in the clip along with her mother Beyonce.

The film "Lion King" reintroduced the story of the 1994 animated film but realistically.

The film tells the same story as Disney. The events revolve around the cub Simba, who runs away from the kingdom after his uncle Skar plots to become king and replace his father Movasa.

Actor Donald Glover performs Simba's character after growing up and leading Beyonce to the character of his girlfriend Nala. Also participating in the film is actor Sheutel Igor, who plays the character of Scar and Seth Rogen in the role of Bomba and James Earl Jones, who presented Movasa's character in the original Disney film.


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