Best Songs Of The 80s

The greatest 80’s hits which created climate of these years. Classic tracks that went down in music history. Rate, comment and subscribe!!! Watch my another videos: Best Songs of the 90s:…



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  1. Video clips ruin music. When it's just audio you would relate and think about how deep the song is, meanwhile in the video clip, the singer is wearing a stupid outfit, dancing stupidly, and flying elephants or other crazy stuff are put in the thing. I try to avoid watching video clips as hard as i can, if I liked a song, because I'm certain that it will make me hate it. And that's what happened here.

  2. Everyone is a plastic n does what American idol shows n listen and are good A&R robots. Thank god I was born in 75 …. sorry for the generation of kids we made you guys need to do what my 15 year old born in 2002 does he comes on a “ YouTube” and has the benefits to hear of all these plus more and makes playlists. Btw notice the few that made it more than once, George Michael, Inxs, The Smith’s, The Cure, Queen brits n Aussie but didn’t see where person uploaded it was from shocked not to see Prince or Guns n Roses but love the doubles mentioned lost GM n Michael Of inxs n MJ & Whitney & Freddie Mercury but all great pics good vid needed needed bit more rock n r&b varieties btw I’m woman from Michigan 🇺🇸 love the 60’s-90’s music then went to the 🚽 lol!

  3. Great Job Mate. I listen to this video every Friday night with a beer. I love it but I need some new songs. Will you make a part 2 or something or maybe someone can refer me a another good one like this. It is only 20 minutes long so I need 3 or 4 video like that every Friday 🙂
    Great job again