Beirut airport lies Nancy Ajram and explains the cause of the crisis

Cairo – Gololy

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram has stirred up a stir in Lebanese society after her account of the suffering she suffered from the traffic jam at Beirut airport.

Nancy used the media to overcome the airport crisis. Her third child, Lea, was accompanied by her. She wrote several inscriptions, saying she was annoyed to stand in a long queue in the middle of the hour, carrying her baby, who was crying all the time.

In an official move to the crisis in Nancy, the Lebanese artist received a call from the Lebanese Interior Minister Ria Hassan to inquire about the scenes of what happened to Nancy at the airport and to check on her safety and the safety of her daughter.

The Lebanese star thanked the minister with a letter in which she wrote: "Respect for your person, your dignity and your respect. I have no doubt that following up on the Beirut airport issue to improve the situation is one of your priorities to preserve Lebanese tourism.
"Our country needs ministers like you to have a true love for their country."

Surprisingly, the statement was issued by the Beirut airport security service, where he lied to Nancy's story about standing in the crowd for an hour, stressing that the wait for the artist lasted only minutes.

The statement said: «The command of the security of the airport to clarify the following: The traffic congestion at the airport, which was talked about at the peak time and resulted from the landing of nine aircraft less than an hour and the rate of 1769 passengers, which should be noted the work of the security services at the airport, Public security, which deals with this issue professionally and professionally. "

He added: "What was issued by the passage of one of the artists and waiting for long hours is incorrect because the surveillance cameras spotted the artist who arrived at the arrival hall at 23.29, and her passport was stamped at 23.41, as the waiting did not exceed 12 minutes».

On the other hand, Nancy Ajram is preparing to perform a concert on July 20 as part of the Jerash Festival in Jordan.

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