1. It’s definitely still blue…just there a few months ago. And, lots and lots of jellyfish!! Way too many ALL OVER! We had a slide off the top of the boat and no one used it ????????

  2. Went there as a kid, possibly the only thing worth visiting in Malta, other than the ship they filmed the Popeye movie on.

  3. For those saying this isn’t a lagoon…it is a PART of the Blue Lagoon in Malta. I was there and have other pictures to prove it.

  4. Just one of many beautiful places around Malta/ Gozo/ Comino. Sadly it’s either the jelly fish or the feed from offshore fish farms that ruin a day trip to these places more often than not.

  5. This clear?!? Do not go swimming or drinking in it. It’s inhabitable for most microorganisms if it’s this clear, never mind animals.

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