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Atlantis stars Aiysha Hart & Jack Donnelly

Drawing inspiration from Greek mythology, Atlantis is a fantasy adventure series starring Aiysha Hart (About Time) and Jack Donnelly (Dancing on the Edge). The 13×1-hour production, set in…



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  1. What a shame honestly that it had to be cancelled. If BBC only reconsidered I would be more than thrilled for it to be back, there are so many unanswered questions that just left everything hanging in the Last Episode of the Series. I love Atlantis, the entire cast and story-line but I do admit it could have gone better. If only there was a way for it to continue.

  2. Thank you Aiysha, Jack and crew for a great series. Ignore the trolls, all of you are magnificent, the plot is convincing, and anything that gets more ancient Greek drama on TV gets my vote (and my BBC licence fee contribution).

  3. Aiysha Hart is very pretty in real life. It's weird, during Atlantis.. I dont really like the make up and her hairstyle when she becomes Princess Ariadne.. but when Princess Ariadne dressed in ordinary people's cloth , she looks very beautiful and special. A rare beauty 😀
    Well, Jack is the reason why I keep watching the show 😀 .. He's cute <3 and his smile could drown Atlantis .

  4. This series is a real pleasure to watch.  Aiysha and Jack are obviously extremely convincing actors who have taken their roles to heart and show great depth (and potential for the future).  I also like the supporting actors, including the Queen, Hercules, Pythagoras and Aiysha's army commander and of course the traitor.

    The better ancient Greek themes will always be popular with all audiences because the plots and the human drama is so exciting.

    Good on the BBC for making this series.

    I look forward to watching every episode and buying the DVD.

  5. I just wished that they had more reverences to Jasons life bevore the first episode. Not flashbacks, but just Some things like he tells Pythagoras what he knows about Pythagoras and hercules and stuff. I mean, I get why he doesnt tell anybody about the sinking of atlantis. But you know what I mean (I like it when people reply to this)

  6. I just… Merlin! This show is so similar and when I first saw it I thought that it was just a Merlin in a different time period with different people. After watching the whole series I think that they used the merlin starting point of "I don't know my place and I am special and have gifts" but have progressed it brilliantly. Can't wait for season 2!