Asala Celebrates Eid Al Fitr in Kuwait


Cairo – Gololy

Syrian star Asala Nasri is preparing to perform a huge concert with the star Abu Bakr Salem at the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center in Kuwait on Thursday (June 6th) to celebrate Eid al-Fitr.

The Syrian star is currently working on the final equipment for her new album, which is due to be launched in the coming period, where she collaborates with many poets and composers.

The latest work was the originality of the song "Bint Akbar", which was presented on YouTube a month and a half ago, and achieved more than 17 million views through its official channel after the song won the admiration of the audience in Egypt and the Arab world. The song is from the words of Abu Nimah, composed by Mahmoud Al Khiami, Fathallah, and the clip directed by Adham Sharif.

On the other hand, Syrian actress Asala expressed her great admiration for the performance of the Egyptian star Dina Sherbini in her new Ramadan series «Sunlight».

Asala published a picture of Cherbini, and wrote it with a comment in which she wrote: "Mo is reasonable, how does she represent … above the wonderful Dandouna?" And Fanz reacted to the Syrian star with her publication. Most of them agreed with Asala's opinion, praising the performance and strength of Dina's " While another team praised the performance of its partner in the action tournament, Egyptian star Reham Abdul Ghafour.


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