Angie Lt. Col. Shine in the latest photo session … photos

Cairo – Howaida Abu Samak

Egyptian artist Engy El-Mokadam underwent a new photo session with photographer Khaled Fadda.

Angie shared her photos with her from the photo session through her account on "Instagram", and she appeared in a black dress-rose dress.

The Egyptian actress shine with a simple hairstyle and soft makeup, and her photos are liked by a large number of fans who flirt with her.

Engi El Mokaddam recently participated in the series "Champs Elysées", which takes place in the 1940s, and the series achieved a high viewership.

Iyad Nassar, Edward, Mai Selim, Angie Lt. Col., Dalia Mustafa, Hajar Al Sharnoubi, including Jalal, and Azouz Adel, and the production of Tamer Morsi and General Supervision Hussam Shawky, in addition to the honorary guests Aida Riyad and Hamdi Al-Wazir, are participating in the championship. And Farida Saif Al-Nasr, and Arefah Abdel-Rasoul, and Leila Ezz Al-Arab, written by Ayman Selim, Noha Saeed, and directed by Mark Adel.

Inge El Mokadam was her latest work in the Ramadan drama series “Ould El Ghallaba”, which was screened last year, starring Ahmed El Sakka, Mai Omar, Hadi El Gayar, and the work directed by Mohamed Samy. She also presented the series “Layali Eugenie”, which was shown in 2018 In the month of Ramadan, starring Amina Khalil and Dhafir Abdin. She also participated in 2017 in the series "Do not extinguish the sun, 30 days."

Angie Lt. Col. was her latest movie, "New Year's", which was banned from the show because of her bold scenes with the actress Sherine Reda.

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