An embarrassing position for Ahmed Hilmi in Umrah because of his wife Mona Zaki – اخبار مجنونة

Cairo – Gololy

Egyptian artist Ahmed Hilmi narrated the details of an embarrassing situation he was subjected to during his stay in Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah with his wife Mona Zaki.

Helmi said that after performing Umrah, he went with his wife to a large shop selling abayas, pointing out that he was busy and moved away from her a little, and then Leizer went back behind her. He said: "Whatever you choose Abaya is looking for and its beast is telling you your taste is still a monster like this! Do not answer ".

"I discovered in the other that the walker and her people and the workers I say to you are a monster of my own, I discovered because the six were wearing a slipper and from where I was wearing shoes," he said.

He continued: "I began to turn on my feet in view of the shoes until I found my wife's shoes, and I told her this strange situation," pointing out that he could have been subjected to a major crisis because of this position if this woman was considered to "reverse".

Ahmed Hilmi married Mona Zaki in 2002. He has three children, Li Li 2003, Selim 2014 and Yunus 2017.

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