An argument between Hala Shiha and follow-up because of her children – اخبار مجنونة

Cairo – Gololy

Egyptian actress Hela Sheha participated in a recent fashion, which she said was reminiscent of the character of "Yasmin" in the film "Peace and the Serpent".

One of the followers of Hala, at her own expense on the site of "Instagram", attacked her and asked her to pay attention to her children instead of remembering her previous artwork.

The follow-up said: "My daughter, my soul, you have a bleach crying on the ruins. Time has run away." This provoked a solution: "My eyes are my life and my life is not your life.

"I saw a picture of a jasmine in the staircase and a snake," Hala said. "I love movies that are very strong, different and new at the time.

She added: "I am happy that I was a hero of the film and his real hero, of course Tariq Al-Arian and Mohammed Hafeeh and Sameh Salim, myself return the oldest in the cinema a beautiful need of the ladder and the snake."

Hala Shiha has been criticized recently for her performance at the 10th edition of the festival, especially as she returns from a long journey of retirement and wearing a veil that lasted for 12 years, and shocked her audience when they saw the sight of some bold, especially as it was the first official festival to participate After returning from retirement.

The answer to the Shiha, the comment of some of them, which stated: "Our Lord enlighten your vision and guide you," saying: "Spitalkm guidance to you."

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