An American belle celebrates her release from prison and promises young people a year full of surprises .. Pictures


Cairo – Gololy

Kelly Kaye, the American model, celebrated the release of her from prison in a nightclub until the early morning hours, and expressed her desire to launch new promotional campaigns soon for the "exciting" channel on the popular video site "YouTube".

Kelly Kay, 27, stormed the ground of the "Hard Rock Stadium" during the final match of the National Football League between the teams "Kansas City Chiefs" and "San Francisco 49".

The girl did this to promote the Ukrainian blogger Vitaly Zdorowski's website, but security agents quickly arrested her.

The English newspaper "The Sun" quoted Kelly as saying: We will prevail in the world, simply I know that 2020 is ours, I cannot wait until I reveal to you, young people, what we have prepared for you.

And Kelly Kay is the girlfriend of American actress and model, Kinsey Volanski, who is famous for storming almost naked, the land of the "Wanda Metropolitano" stadium in the capital Madrid, during the final match of the 2019 European Champions League between the two English teams Liverpool and Tottenham, which ended in the "Reds" (2- zero).

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