An Recommendation To Eric Tataw – اخبار مجنونة

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24 replies on “An Recommendation To Eric Tataw”

  1. God bless you brother & keep the faith. God is with us and we trust in him who ordained this struggle and who will show us the way out accros the mungo River to BUEA as he let the Israelites out of Egypt across the Red Sea on dry ground let by Moses. Thank you Jesus.Amen.

  2. Tataw is captured while out& free but Sisiku is afflicted & captured while in the enemy's hands & God who chosed him will save&deliver sisiku at the apointed time but for Tataw he has an effort towards God to make in humility asking God for his mercy on him for the confusions & sabotage against God's chosen for the God ordained revolution.

  3. When eric was suporting sako he was the best activist but now that he is exposing the weak and corupt system of sako he has become the worst activist according to you sorrogates of sako..

  4. Fool, idiot, so you are OK with a group of fake pastors who steal your money for their lifestyle? You are a big fool, keep feeding fake pastors with your money. You don't even have what to eat but you come here defending bandits and criminals.
    Eric is on the right path. He trusted the bandits and when he figured that out he dumped them. You are still in the darkness. The worse if for an idiot like you not to even know that they are in darkness.

  5. What is this man saying?can somebody interpret it to me. Wanders,you get heart for talk for eric,which day u start activism make u cam talk again.

  6. This guy is a big fool. Looks like an adult but is more than a child in the mind. Fool of conspiracy theories. What are you talking about brainless man-child? Eric Tataw was and still remains the best activist this revolution has ever produced period. I don't care who says what. The facts are clear for any reasonable adult to see. Anything otherwise is conspiracy theory.

  7. Prostitute activist. What type of activist can this be? Eric has had problems even with the smallest baby in this revolution, with all the leaders, all the activist just because he is too jealous and wicked when people are progressing. Finally he has initiated himself into a cult that he is now behaving like a mad man on social media every second talking nonsense. What a shame and disgrace to the Ambazonian people.

  8. Eric is really frustrated my brother. He used to be the best activist but the moment he involved himself with mark bareta and Ayaba cho with blood money from Atanga Nji, he became useless in the revolution.

  9. True talk my brother. Eric Tatoh is the turbin fly that will follow the corpse into the grave because of his foolishness, jealousy, love of money he took from Atanga Nji.

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