Amr Diab lights a big party in Media City Dubai with a mass crowd .. Pictures

Cairo – Doaa El-Araby

Amidst a large crowd, the Egyptian artist Amr Diab yesterday revived a concert, the largest in Media City Dubai.

The ceremony is the first for Amr Diab in Dubai with the launch of the new year, and witnessed an unprecedented public presence, according to the organizing party.

And the plateau sang a group of its most famous new and old songs in the midst of a great reaction from the public, who was present at the concert site hours before its launch.

The plateau surprised its fans by presenting its latest songs, entitled "Uncle of the Doctor," which are written by Saber Kamal, composed by Amr Diab, and distributed by Rami Samir.

Amr Diab told his fans: “Even my band doesn’t know the song, and who knows it, but Rami Samir is the drummer with the band and the song’s distributor.”

The organizer of the ceremony revealed the extension of the opening period of the theater and the public square for the ceremony beyond midnight in a precedent, the first of its kind, due to the large public attendance.

The Egyptian artist Amr Diab had recently performed a great concert in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on Thursday evening, January 9.

The Egyptian artist appeared during the ceremony with a formal look, as he wore a black suit, white shirt and tie, and lit the ceremony with a large bouquet of his most famous old and modern songs.

Amr Diab surprised his fans by presenting the song "Sahran", which he sang for the first time in the concert, which is from his new album due to be released in the coming weeks.

The song "Sahran" is the sixth song from the new album, where Amr Diab was presented by 5 songs from his album during the last period.

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