Amina Khalil prepares for the championship of "reverse direction"


Cairo – Gololy

Egyptian actress and star Amina Khalil is preparing to star in a new series called "Reverse Direction" for the show in the coming Ramadan 2020, where work events will take place in 15 episodes written by Maryam Noam and directed by Maryam Abu Auf. Hani Adel, Omar Al Saeed, Sherine Reda and Hala Sedky will participate in the championship. And a number of other young artists and is scheduled to start filming the first scenes next week.

The series, "Reverse Direction", includes 15 episodes that one of the production companies stands for, which also provides another series alongside it from 15 episodes entitled "Jamjoom and Video", which was named after the "German Company for Paranormal Control" before changing it, which is written by Mustafa Saqr, Muhammad Ezz and Mustafa Youssef and directed by Islam Khairy and starring Muhammad Abdul Rahman “Tuta” and Muhammad Salam, provided that the two works are presented consecutively in the 30 days of next Ramadan.

Amina had recently finished filming 3 new movies in one go, “The Owner of Maqam” with Yusra, Aser Yassin, and a number of guests of honor, written by Ibrahim Issa, directed by Mando Al-Adl, and “Rawhi’s Spiritual” with Hassan Al-Raddad, Aisha bin Ahmed, Rajaa Al-Jadawi and authored by Amani Al-Suwaisi, Othman Abu Laban, and “Curfew” with Ilham Shaheen, Ahmed Magdy and Ahmed Hatem, written and directed by Amir Ramses.

It is worth noting that Amina Khalil is currently presenting in the cinemas "The Thief of Baghdad" with Mohamed Imam, Fathi Abdel-Wahab, Yasmine Rais, Mohamed Abdel Rahman Tota, authored by Tamer Ibrahim, and directed by Ahmed Khaled Musa, while Amina presented her latest work in the TV drama series “Cain” with Muhammad Mamdouh, Muhammad Farraj, Noha Abdin, Ali Al-Tayyib, Roslin El-Beyh, written by Mostafa Saqr, Mohamed Ezz and directed by Karim El-Shennawy.


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