1. Changing the subject a bit, I find it curious that there isn’t a single bush or tree there as far as the eye can see.

  2. Op mentions this is new development, as a construction contractor I completely give the Amazon guy a pass. Most of the time, from a drivers point of view, there’s no way to tell where there’s a road. The streets aren’t marked with any sort of signs, and google maps still shows an empty plot. Be glad Amazons work ethic is pushing that package along

  3. This guy accidentally turned onto the path and was like shit… if I turn around I’ll fuck up the grass, so might as well see where this goes

  4. I’d need to see how this path begins because if it looks like a road junction with no signage then I’m not gonna go with idiot.

  5. I don’t see anything wrong here to be honest. That’s a horrible walking trail that isn’t even obvious to be a walking trail. Not only that but that’s a long ass walk just to bring the package to the door and we don’t even see where the road begins. Driver was probably honestly confused.

  6. I deliver packages for amazon. In this guys defense the directions from the app we use for delivery are pretty terrible. I can’t tell you how many times it’s tried to get me to drive down a golf cart path

  7. As a former amazon driver I can say with almost total certainty that they were following amazon’s GPS directions. New drivers would end up in some weird ways until they figured out not to trust the “rabbit”.

  8. Wealthy entitled gated community dweller can’t fathom how an unwashed plebeian didn’t recognize what a paved walkway was

  9. One day saw a guy pull off and by that I mean still more than halfway in the road even though there was enough room. I went by and there was a car behind me just a bit back, well the driver flung open his door and jumped out . Luckily the car just barely stopped in time…. They are crazy

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