Aiten Amer flees from her home for this strange reason .. Video

Cairo – Gololy

Egyptian artist Aiten Amer participated with her video clip Tarif, which revealed that she fled from her home.

The Egyptian artist said during the video, which she published on her own account on the site "Instagram", that she fled to be able to take care of herself away from her responsibilities as a wife and mother.

Ayten said: "I want to tell you the secret .. a dangerous secret .. I ran away .. I ran away when I work my hair and my hair .. and Qtlhm I have an important journey."

And commented on the video, saying: "Mohash says I'm still staying agreed … Lord netting they have beaten," which raised the laughter of her audience and praised her trainees.

Aiten Amer recently took part in a third-grade photograph of her, which appeared on her own account on the Instagram website, with the same features without any change.

"From the day I was born, I almost made up my own image and I'm in a secondary school," she said.

The audience of the Egyptian artist confirmed her words, noting that there has been no change in the features of her face since then until now.

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