Ahmed Salah Hosni .. Former football player who became the girl's girls dreams .. Photos – اخبار مجنونة

Cairo – Howida Abu Simk

Although he has made a number of artistic roles in the past, the Egyptian artist Ahmed Salah Hosni did not achieve the desired success on the screen except through the series «Hakkaiti», with the artist Yasmin Sabri.

Ahmed Salah Husni drew the attention of the public to his character, and his romance, which was reflected by an endless number of scenes with the artist Yasmin Sabri, where through the work of the role of «Ali Albawn», a young man who falls in love with «Dalida» at first sight.

The young Baron is not only a love story, but presents a model for a young man who sacrifices everything for his beloved, tries to provide her with the protection she seeks, and puts her dreams before his dreams.

The role played by Ahmed Salah Hosni brilliantly won the admiration of critics, and also considered by the girls «boy dreams» tomorrow and today, too, and this was reflected through their social networking sites.

The artist's personal page also includes many comments on the personality he has given. The girls assured him that he had lifted the roof of their ambition in the life partner and that they were waiting for someone like him.

The young artist is a former football player in Al Ahli club and played for the Egyptian team. He was a lover of representation from the start and is the brother of Amir Karara's wife.

His works include: "The Corridor, Cabbage, The Doors of Doubt, The House of Slave, Hidden Worlds, Tales of Girls".

Ahmed Salah Husni is married outside the artistic center of a zomba trainer and dancer named Esraa Jalal, and has been living with his first child for months.

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