Ahmed Al-Saadani chooses a new look and the public objects .. Watch – اخبار مجنونة

Cairo – Howaida Abu Samak

The Egyptian artist Ahmed El-Saadany decided to get out of the ordinary, and chose a new look for him to present to his fans.

Al-Saadani published a new photo of him through his personal account on the site "Instagram", and wrote, commenting: "Who shaved his millet", and appeared in the photo after he gave up his beard.

The photo surprised a large number of fans, although some fans liked its shape, but the largest number rejected the new look and assured him that its shape with a beard was better.

Al-Saadani al-Saghir, in the last period, used to appear with a beard, and the audience got used to his shape, and this is what happened with the artist Yasser Jalal.

Ahmed recently presented to him the series "Shubar Maya", which was a great success and won the public's admiration.

The series “Shabr Mayeh” starring Ahmed Al Saadani, Najla Badr, Muhammad Ali Rizk, Murad Makram, Muhammad Juma, Rajaa Al Jeddawi, Noha Abdeen, Nada Mousa, Hanan Suleiman, Amjad Al Hajjar, Ismail Sharaf, written by Sharif Badreddin, directed Tariq raised, and the production of the Synergy Company.

The Egyptian artist recently shared his love with his father, the artist Salah El-Saadany, who has been absent from the screen for years, since his last work was in 2013.

Al-Saadani al-Saghir said that from time to time he is keen to publish pictures of his father, in order to reassure the public about him, and to fulfill all the rumors that his health has deteriorated.

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