Age of DECEIT (Part 1) – TRANSagenda + Breeding Program (Intro, Royals, Aristocracy, Celebrities)

Connecting dots – The World Stage, actor based reality, the TransAgenda, the Aristocracy v. Humankind

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  1. Dan 11:37 "Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all."

    The Beast has always practiced this Luciferian principle. They hate women and all of the Royalty were male/male couples. Most of the American presidents had trans "wives", male/male.

  2. I am not yet convinced Diana was a boy as even in her younger pictures she looks very girly. I'm a girl and in some of my pictures when I was young I look like a boy. Hormones are a funny thing.

  3. Also, Maggie Smith, to me and maybe I'm wrong, looks just about the same as Michael Cane. Them two could have come the same gene pool or Michael is Maggie at different times. At first I thought they could be related but after I searched I couldn't find anything that says they could be related.

  4. You know what is so sad about this and should be held liable against Hollywood and the fashion industry is all the dead young girls who starved themselves to death trying to look like emaciated 14 yr old boys in drag they thought were real women! We were led to believe that a 14yr boy in make up was what beauty really was, what all men really wanted us to be. None of us knew all those men were gay posing as women, gay men dating them posing as straight. It was all a lie and they killed women to sell dresses made for boys. It was all for the gays all along. They let those women commit suicide because they werent male enough to be a model. Not thin enough. Too much breast tissue ewww, your buttocks is too out there ewww, omg you have hips, sorry no hips allowed. They need to pay for that. Little girls died from depression because of them.

  5. This may not be much but I had a dream 8 years ago hitler was still alive,he was in a underground bunker,STILL GIVING ORDERS,he was handing out instructions, on paper to his army soldiers,and they were just carrying out orders, I didn’t understand then,but it’s all coming together now,we live in a sick sick world,TRUST IN GOD ALWAYS, AND YOU CAN NEVER BE LOST IN THIS SICK SICK WORLD,

  6. I’ve decided to watch this all parts after being warned by sister in Christ who is surprised I still have tv and my whole family watch it! I’m afraid that demons are having the access to our minds and life and I want to protect my family from Satan’s influence and control! I can’t let God’s enemy to enter into our life anymore and destroy it and still our salvation by lack of knowledge and disobedience! Thank you for sharing this videos among us, I do appreciate it and will thank you in person in heaven after our death. God bless you!

  7. there is no such thing as a "bi-sexual" man. they may start participating in homosexual behavior while still engaging in heterosexual behavior but that is just transitional. he will very quickly become strictly homosexual and impotent with women. every man that has ever claimed to be "bi" has eventually abandoned sex with women altogether.

  8. so let me see if I have this correct…"christians" are upset, because the indoctrination they received does not jive with this recently revealed cult that is much older, since when are you people responsible for anyone but yourselves? I don't agree with the way they are confusing young people and I especially don't agree with them aiding the "transitioning" with pharmaceuticals and mutilation of confused children and young adults, however, it is none of your business, look to your own. Similarily, I do not agree with "christianity", "islam", "catholicism" nor "buddhism", "hinduism" or any religion. Do you know there are more than 30,000 "christian" denominations? What do you scattered people believe in? Certainly not God. You may object to what they are doing, but don't play "holier than thou". God will ten God's garden when GOD IS GOOD AN READY. Not before then, You are all of you making the very same mistake these deceitful creatures are making which is to judge others and think you can force God's hand. "Judge not, lest ye be judged" – anything else and you are a false christian. Does it not say "all these things must come to pass, but do not fear"? Does Yeshua not say in Matthew 18:6 – "But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and [that] he were drowned in the depth of the sea. " ??? You are responsible to teach your children if you have them, yet you throw them away the moment they are bourne into the hands of the psychotics so they can have "legal rights", send them off to their schools, park them in front of the TV and other wretched froms of "entertainment" just to shut them up so you can pursue your own selfish interests, are you fucking kidding me? I have no children, I made certain of it, do you care to know why? BECAUSE ONLY A FOOL OR A SADIST BRINGS A CHILD INTO A SLAVE QUARTER. No one has children thinking about the child, it is a SELFISH ACT and shame on any of you that brought children here to please yourselves despite your ignorance. YOU ARE TO BLAME if your children go astray. I beleive there is God and I firmly KNOW that NO ONE knows the name of God. You will all be judged and found wanting, the war is between God and the fallen, DO NOT INTERFERE you have no right. As far as these psychotics and their form of worship, it is not far removed from your own psycho-babble nonsense, whether you admit it or not, you covet their riches and fame and suppose in your minds that it should be christians at the "top". SHAME. Let the babies have their bottle, you may ask God for forgiveness for your own wickedness and idolatry at the end of your life, but that does not mean God will automatically grant it. REPENT – there was no "jesus', there is no letter "J" in either the Latin or Hebraic alphabets, you have been lied to and led astray by pedophile priests whom are part of the same cult you decry. "Christ" comes from the Greek "cristos" meaning "anointed" but that comes from a much older term "cha ro" or "chi ro" meaning "the place of the crossing" – a market. You all wonder" when will the beast system arrive", no fools, it is HERE, you have a name, you have a number, you were "marked" at "birth" – why do you suppose it is called "the stocks and bonds market"? SLAVES ALL OF YOU, YOUR PARENTS SOLD YOU FOR A GOOD LIFE – AND THEY GOT IT. Then you sold your children. His name was Yeshua Bar Nazare Bet LeShem and he was a Danite, not of the tribe of judah

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