After his participation in the Cannes Festival .. Brad Pitt on a trip to Venice .. Photos


Translation – Gololy

The star and American actor Brad Pitt appeared in a collection of photographs taken by the paparazzi photographers during his stay in Venice, Italy, to watch the art exhibitions with one of his close friends, Tamos House Ego.

The world star appeared in pictures published by Britain's Daily Mail, riding a river taxi and covering his face with a hat so that no one would recognize him and spoil his trip.

The 55-year-old Brad Pitt took part in the official competition of the 72nd Cannes International Film Festival with his movie "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" with Leonardo DiCaprio.

In 1969, in Los Angeles, the film revolves around two main characters, Rick Dalton, a former television actor of the Western or American series, and Leonardo DiCaprio, and Cliff Booth, his alternative actor who performs dangerous scenes Instead, embodied by Brad Pitt, the two struggle to achieve fame in Hollywood, in conjunction with the start of the activity of the famous killer Charles Manson.


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