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After a long absence .. Bahaa Sultan with Tamer Hosni and Sandy at the Valentine's Day concert at Cairo Stadium .. Pictures

Cairo – Doaa El-Araby

A large number of singing stars performed the Valentine's Day concert inside Cairo Stadium, headed by Tamer Hosni, star Baha Sultan and Star Sandy, in the presence of a crowd of more than 30,000 spectators.

Tamer Hosni presented the first paragraphs of the concert with a number of his famous and distinguished songs, including: “With your longing, O girl, every time, the place is beautiful, I do not know, Yana Ya Mavish, oh my trouble”, amid great interaction with the star of the generation in all his songs.

Bahaa Sultan revived the second paragraph of the concert, and this concert is his first concert in a long absence after his crisis with producer Nasr Mahrous. During the ceremony, the Egyptian artist presented a large number of his famous songs that he presented during his singing career, including: I am determined, I stand up, what is chatting. ”

Sandy began her paragraph with the song "The remote of your life" amid the enthusiasm of the audience that the artist ignited from the beginning by dancing with a show team that includes girls of several nationalities to dance with, to salute then Sandy the audience and then complete the song "very sweet", "the costume of the statue" before you finish singing the song " The Sweetest Girl ”amid encouraging thousands of attendees.

On the sidelines of the ceremony, Sandy was keen to welcome the star Baha Sultan, who in turn received her well and was keen on taking memorial photos together.

The concert was organized by the MBM company in coordination with the Ticket Company responsible for distributing tickets, and was held at the Cairo International Stadium, which witnessed a wonderful organization in terms of entering the public and theater equipment.

It is noteworthy that the artist, Esaad Younis, hosted the artist Bahaa Sultan, during the New Year's celebration with her "Her Excellency" program, which is broadcast on the DMC satellite channel, after a period of his absence from the public.

Essaad Younes, during the episode, I sent a message to the lyric producer Nasr Mahrous, against the background of his crisis with Bahaa Sultan and forbidding him from singing, in which she said: “Nasr Mahrous, you know I love you, I … You are my love and my brother, and ten years long .. I myself disassemble the clash .. Salvation is getting older, and the guy who didn’t have gone .. Please sit together and observe your brain .. We describe things between you and the splendor of Satan. ”

She added: “Baha’s voice is deficient in the market .. We are in have ever made beautiful voices .. From happiness to a guarded victory, we can look at the conditions and forget the issues .. and you will write me down on both of you .. And the New Year’s life accepts my invitation, it is forbidden for this voice to sit at home ”

Producer Nasr Mahrous responded to the invitation of Essaad Younes, for reconciliation between him and the artist Bahaa Sultan.

It is reported that the dispute between Bahaa Sultan and Nasr Mahrous began in 2014, when the album "Cigarette" was released, which did not come to light due to the crisis that reached the court in 2015.

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