Accidental Tesla ‘butt dial’ upgrade highlights confusing future of car maintenance

Upgrading an internal combustion engine vehicle typically requires the help of a mechanic or a visit to the car’s dealership. But with Tesla‘s over-the-air software updates the future of vehicle modifications looks very different.

Earlier this week, author, scholar, statistician, and self-professed flâneur, Nassim Nicolas Taleb, tweeted about his interactions with Tesla after he accidentally upgraded his EV with his posterior.

According to Taleb, he “butt dialed” the Tesla app and bought the $4,333 Full Self Driving upgrade accidentally. He subsequently shared his correspondence with Tesla‘s customer support, and it’s, erm, concerning.

Numerous commentors have seconded Taleb’s criticism of Tesla‘s service.

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But what actually happened?

Taleb, a Tesla owner, says that he left his car’s accompanying app open on the menu where updates and add-ons can be purchased.

When putting the phone in his pocket, he accidentally hit the buy button. Taleb says there was no confirmation process or password request to verify the purchase, pretty crazy for something that costs over $4,000.

Though he wasn’t aware this had happened until he got into his car later on, which is where things went further south. Read the below image for Taleb’s communication with Tesla.

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Credit: Twitter – Taleb