Abeer Sabry faces Yousra in "Dahab Ayra"


Cairo – Gololy

The Egyptian artist Abeer Sabry published a picture of her via her personal account on the Instagram application, in which she appeared during her signing the contract to join the series "Dahab Ayrah" by Yousra, which is scheduled to be shown in the upcoming Ramadan season 2020.

Abeer Sabry commented on the photo, saying: The sweet news … We will finally meet Queen Yousra in the series Dahab Ayrah Ramadan 2020, God willing .. Production of Justice Group and directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz.

Director Sameh Abdel Aziz is cooperating with the star Yusra in her new series, "Dahab Ayra", which brings her back to the upcoming Ramadan 2020 drama.

The new series is written by Ahmed Adel, and director Hany Khalifa has apologized for, and all its details will be announced during the next few days.

The Egyptian actor Abeer Sabry recently congratulated her husband, lawyer Ayman Al Bayaa, after opening his new mosque in southern Thailand.

Abeer published pictures of the mosque through her personal account on the site "Instagram", and wrote: "Congratulations, my beloved, your mosque in southern Thailand, may God make your intention and everyone who prostrates to God in it and your quest and love for good in the balance of your good deeds, every day learn from you and respect you more."

The fans of the Egyptian artist Abeer Sabri praised the goodness of her husband, and considered this a good gesture from him, while others advised her to keep quiet about the good that her husband does because it is better not to announce it.

Abeer Sabri got married to the lawyer Ayman Al Bayaa, after a love story that brought them together, and Abeer surprised everyone with the goodness of her marriage, and publishes their photos together constantly through her own account, and stressed that the marital life takes a lot of time, as she takes care of every detail of her husband herself.


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