Abeer Sabri turns to blonde .. Watch

Cairo – Howida Abu Simk

After Egyptian singer Abeer Sabri hesitated to choose a new lok and took the opinion of her audience, she decided to take this risk.

Abeer Sabri Her audience participated in her personal account on the site of Anastagram, in a new image, after she changed her black hair color to a silvery blond.

Egyptian artist appeared in the picture with the artist Hani Adel, and she is preparing to participate in the series «My share and your division».

The image she published was admired by a large number of people, and opinions differed about the new color of poetry chosen by Abeer Sabri.

The Egyptian artist has already published pictures of her blond hair, and asked the public opinion to change the color of her hair, came most opinions to refuse to change the color of her black hair, which is appropriate, and yet, Abeer decided to get the lock.

Abeer recently entered into a clash with one of her followers when he described her exploiting her marriage from a Gulf.

The artist replied: "Professor, I am my husband, not my husband, although he honors me, of course, but my husband is a Palestinian and you seem to understand that the passport is wrong, that it is an interest, you can attend it by applying it to yourself … and you do not talk about my husband. .

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