A rare picture of the wedding of Anam Salousa .. Her husband is a famous director


Cairo – Sarah Ibrahim

A large number of the audience of Egyptian artist Inaam Salousa do not know that she is married to a famous theater director.

Inaam is married to theatrical director Samir Al-Asfouri for many years. They have one daughter, the director Taghreed Al-Asfouri.

A rare photograph of the wedding of Anam Salousa and director Samir Al Asfouri appeared, in which Anam appeared in a short wedding dress and put wedding scarves on her hair.

The Egyptian artist appeared in the picture with the same features as the current, while the director Samir Asfoury features are very different from the current form.

And Anam Salousa is an Egyptian actress who participated in many dramas, cinemas and plays, and one of her most famous works in television dramas, the series "Nights of the dream and its parts, the second meeting, a woman of the time of love.

She has also participated in a large number of films, the most important of which are (dinner, terrorism and kebabs, sleeping in honey, Hammam in Amsterdam, black honey).

Inam Salousa participated in the last Ramadan season in a number of works, including: "Amar Hadi, Hogan, Talat Al-Mutawa, Super Miro, Shot Luck, and Pool".


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