A player shoots the ball in the kitchen instead of the goal … video


Cairo – Gololy

A match in the Dutch league between the tenth-placed Herenveen, and Addo Dean Hague, saw a very funny shot, as the player hit the ball but went outside the goal and settled inside a kitchen on the match court.

The Croatian player Alain Khalilovic, loaned by the Italian team Milan, fired a powerful ball at the Herenveen Stadium, specifically in the 72nd minute of the match when the home side was two goals behind.

Khalilovic sent a powerful ball from the edge of the opponent's goal, but it ended surprisingly in the kitchen of the Heerenveen Stadium, and some cartoon food packages were toppled, and the stray shot terrified the kitchen workers, who showed signs of fear when the ball suddenly entered the ball to them without warning.

The player seems to be accustomed to this type of balls, in the same game, after 5 minutes he repeated the same thing from the same angle, and while the ball was on its way behind the woods, if it enters the far corner of the goal.

With this goal, Khalilovic managed to tie his team, Herneven, during the match that ended 2-2.

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