“A Mother’s Song” – The perfect mother son wedding dance song!

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  1. Iris Linnitt really don't know who made this me and my husband was just exploring all mother son songs and this one melted his heart,so he and his mother along with my mom with one of our triplets and myself with the other boy of the three danced together and of course we switch the boys wasnt having you dance with mom and not me it surely is a beautiful tear jerker.

  2. This is a beautiful song i luv it i listen to it at least once daily .. i luv my sons! I wished i had heard this tune or knew of this tune a few years ago i would have luved to have dance to it at my youngest sons wedding. LUV you guys!

  3. I love this song.  As a mother I felt it began with  my love for my son and all the love and care I gave him. But more importantly I was giving my  precious child to his wife and was giving him advice on how to be a good husband.  My son and I danced to this song , I was crying , he was crying I don't think there was a dry eye in the room. Life has gotten better since then,  they had their first child in their first year of marriage and both of them are such wonderful loving parents.  I could not be happier or prouder.

  4. I rarely comment on Videos but I've listened to this song for years. Reminds my of my mum.. I don't know why. I mean I'm from the UK and she used to sing Daddy Big Boots to be as a baby/kid. Getting married and all that Jazz is meant to be a woman's thing but its all I've wanted. The normal life? Anyway I've been with somebody a few years now whos a lot older than me, she has kids and doesn't want to get married. Shes really an amazing person. Found out recently that my mums cancer is back and terminal which is a huge kick in the balls and for her and everybody else. Scared shitless. Scared that if i do someday have a child (I'm only 25) that shes not going to meet him/her in fact i know she isn't. Its just me living with her. Scared of life after. Just make the most of it with your family, never take anything for granted.