A life sentence for a Briton raped dozens of young people after being drugged

Cairo – Gololy

A 36-year-old British man, Renard Sinaga, was sentenced to life imprisonment for sexual assault of young adults.

According to the German news agency DPA, the man used to go out in the early hours of every day, regularly, to hunt young men who played alcohol with their heads leaving the nightclubs, and was offering them a place to sleep or more alcohol .

The agency added that he was then drugging his victim upon arrival at his home, to sexually assault him while unconscious, and to photograph the incident on his mobile phone.

This is the largest rape case in British history, where the authorities believe that the man assaulted a total of 195 victims, and that they could not identify 70 of the victims who were recorded cases of abuse, and it is believed that the perpetrator was using the drug "GHB" (Ecstasy syrup) ) To numb the victims.

The discovery of Sinaga took place when one of the victims woke up during the assault, and the perpetrator was taken with his mobile phone to the police, and Sinaga said during the trial that the other men were helping him in a sexual whim by pretending to die while being assaulted.

But the prosecution described this as "ridiculous", as video clips showed that some of the victims were snoring indicating that they fell asleep.

It is noteworthy that the man was convicted and received a life sentence last June in a previous trial.

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