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A younger Ukrainian has taken on a humorous and unusual trick, marrying an previous lady near him with an 84-year-old disabled lady.

Ukrainian navy recruits are investigating allegations of a 20-year-old man who married his 81-year-old cousin to evade navy service, The New York Publish reported.

Alexander Kondratiyuk, 24, married his 81-year-old disabled cousin as a way to evade navy service. Underneath Ukrainian legal guidelines, navy service is necessary for all male residents aged 18 and over.

Kondratiuk denied marrying Elarionovna for an exemption from the military, and expressed his love for his 80-year-old spouse, who in flip confirmed that her husband was a younger man who took excellent care of her. They’re extra frequent than her "supposed" husband.

The Mirror newspaper quoted Alexander Daniiluk, who’s in control of the Vinnitsa fee recruiting, as saying: Kondratiuk had the correct to postpone his obligatory service as a result of he was the guardian of a disabled individual.

Daniiluk defined that since Kondratiuk confirmed his marriage certificates and one other doc proving that he lives in the home of Mrs. Ilarionovna, no motion might be taken.

Lawyer Roman Korschnik opposes Daniiluk's view, saying that in the event that they show that there isn’t a legitimate marriage and that there isn’t a frequent household, he might be known as to do navy service.

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