64- Improve Your Thyroid to Fix Fatigue with Heather and Damian Dube

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64- Improve Your Thyroid to Fix Fatigue with Heather and Damian Dube

Have you ever gone through a phase in your life where you gained weight rapidly, or your energy plummeted, or your hair started to fall out? If so, these are some common signs of thyroid dysfunction.

Have you gone to a doctor because of these symptoms to get some labwork done? If so, and everything came back in the normal ranges, then you are in the same boat as many other people. In most cases, doctors are only testing for one marker, known as TSH. This marker doesn’t tell the entire story of the thyroid.

In fact, even with a full thyroid panel done, it can give a practitioner a lot of information to work with. However, it still doesn’t tell the story of the thyroid. On top of other organ systems in the body that can impact the function of the thyroid, your emotional and mental state can also be a factor.

How to Know What is Impacting the Thyroid

As Heather Dube said in this podcast episode, the path to illness is unique to the person, therefore the path of recovery is also unique to the person. This means that each person can have different things impacting their thyroid.

The important thing to take note on is that we deserve the chance to heal ourselves. There is a lot of shame and guilt around being sick, and Heather and Damian talk a lot about how to adjust your emotions when not feeling well.

In this episode, we talk about:

»What the thyroid is and the main functions in the body

»Some labs to have done to see different biomarkers

»How the emotional component can be more harmful to your health

»Why you should take control of your healing process and get the help you deserve


• [4:00] Heather first met Damian when he told her how to speed up her acl recovery time through nutrition and supplementation
• [8:45] Damian talks about how Heather and himself provide different levels of care in their practice to provide better care for clients
• [10:30] Heather focuses more on healing the mind, whereas Damian focuses more on the science and the labwork for the thyroid
• [13:15] What is the thyroid and what roles does it play in the body
• [15:15] Many times people may experience thyroid symptoms but lab panels come back in the normal ranges, what are the problems with labwork and how can we test better
• [19:15] When interpreting the labwork, you should be using the functional ranges instead of the “normal ranges”
• [24:45] People can have normal labs, but still don’t feel good. This is where sometimes you have to let go of the hard data and go off of how you feel
• [27:00] Practitioners are not the healer, they are the guide. The healer is inside you, only you know how you feel
• [30:00] Many doctors and even naturopathic doctors end up throwing medication at the thyroid instead of figuring out the root issues
• [33:45] Is there any particular diets that you have clients start off with before diving deeper into the foods they are eating
• [35:00] Your symptoms and illness is unique to you, therefore the pathway out of illness is also unique to you
• [39:00] Many women feel like they aren’t improving very much or very fast, and it gets frustrating to see their husbands who do “everything wrong” and “feel fine”. Can you touch on these feelings and what women should do in these scenarios
• [46:00] When Heather’s life was close to ending, that is when they realized that health is more important than materialistic things. They put all their finances towards figuring out her illness
• [56:30] What type of women are more prone to coming across thyroid issues
• [63:00] Are there specific nutrients that are needed to help most people with thyroid issues
• [64:00] If you have a morning routine that helps keep your thyroid happy and allows you to live a healthy life, what is it

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