$325 million dollars. That's the jackpot for tomorrow night's Mega (m) Millions lottery drawing. The – اخبار مجنونة

$325 million dollars. That's the jackpot for tomorrow night's Mega (m) Millions lottery drawing. The

Lottery players have ‘Mega’ dreams
Lottery players are hoping to cash in on Friday’s Mega Millions drawing. The multistate lottery now stands at $325 million. (Aug. 30) 2007
((FONT: New York))
((NATS: I’ll have two quick picks please….))
Anticipation is building among lottery players as the Mega Millions jackpot swells to 325 million.
((NATS: “A dollar and a dream, just like they say on TV right?”))
Twelve states participate in the Mega Millions jackpot, which will next be drawn Friday night.
((NATS: Good luck! These are the winning tickets, don’t copy the numbers!))
This is the fourth largest drawing in the history of the game.
The biggest jackpot was last March, when two winners, one in Georgia and one in New Jersey, split 390-million dollars.
((FONT: Ted Shaffrey, The Associated Press))
“Here at the 43rd News and Smoke Shop in New York City, people were dreaming about how they could be multi-millionaires by the time the weekend rolls around.”
Many were hoping to buy a piece of the American dream.
((FONT: Nicole Washington, Lottery Player))
“The first thing I would do is purchase a home.”
Some people were planning on buying more than one.
((FONT: John Tear, Lottery Player))
“I’ll buy a house, a nice car, a house for my family, a nice house on the beach for everybody- that’s the game plan.”
Player Eduardo Rodriguez imagines his life as a wealthy man would be much better than his job as a short-order cook.
((FONT: Eduardo Rodriguez, Lottery Player))
“It’s very hard work, a lot of hours, if I would win I would retire.”
Where would you live?
“Brazil, they’ve got the most beautiful women over there.”
The odds of winning the jackpot are one in 176-million.

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