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This black and white film from 1952 is the first in a training program series for retail salesmen called Destination: “Dotted Line”, presented by the Pontiac Motor Division of General Motors Corporation. The film depicts the “Men of Pontiac” at work inside the Pontiac factory, which was founded in Pontiac, Michigan. The film captures smoke billowing from a huge manufacturing plant followed by close-ups of moving metal factory parts, steely cogs in a giant machine (:44-1:00). The General Motors Pontiac division was headquartered in Detroit, Michigan in the United States and lasted from the year 1926 to 2010, when it closed down and the company was reorganized. At 1:01, the film progresses to emphasize the human factor behind the corporation, showing men at work on cars and in assembly lines inside General Motors factories. At 02:39, David Strong is featured as a successful Pontiac salesman. His boss, presumably the head of General Motors during the time period when Pontiac was introduced, is alluded to but not mentioned directly. William C. Durant founded the automotive company in 1908 and it grew into one of the largest in the world. The film emphasizes Strong’s bright future and winning attributes while highlighting the important work done by other employees like him at General Motors (03:40-7:49). Dealership salesmen, or the “Men of Pontiac”, are praised for their professionalism, depth of knowledge, and personal virtues. All the selling tools and resources, including the Pontiac car itself, are emphasized and praised as helpful aids to all Pontiac car salesmen (08:17-09:33). The Destination: Dotted Line guidebook for selling Pontiac cars is presented while the speaker encourages its use, along with intuitive sales know-how furnished by the salesman himself (09:40-09:50). This training film was produced by Soundfilm Studios Inc. in Detroit, Michigan after General Motors introduced its Pontiac brand in 1926.

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  • Even in Dave Strong's day car salesmen regularly were condemned by the public as the most dishonest tradesmen they dealt with. It's no different today.

  • Just think all that work was performed by American workers. Now it’s all robots or we purchase from other countries to make their economy boom.

  • "Pontiac...Pontiac...wish I had me money back." This week one Pontiac n we will throw one overstock Chevy Chevvette during GM's buy one get one for free sale.....12.000k mile/1 year on Pontiac.....we will cry w/you on the Chevette unit ..ok/

  • ...and keep your windshield clean...keep your stick on the ice...keep your nose to the grindstone...keep your wife tied to the orange tree...keep your hands inside the ride at all times...keep your dog on a short leash...keep your boss in the dark at all times...keep voting early and often...keep up the good work...keep your hands on your all times...keep paying alimony at all times...keep paying the policeman...keep your hands in your pockets while playing pool...keep lying to the IRS...keep your chin up...keep your nose clean...keep avoiding taxes at all costs...keep it up in a down economy...just keep it up 'til your dad gets home...oh, hell Ed...even you can't keep it up!

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