#129 DIY how to hydrate / make hydrogen H2 sprouted chia seeds easy best way

Link for an excellent inexpensive water filtration system
https://amzn.to/31sM5HD Link for an excellent inexpensive water filtration system
https://amzn.to/31sM5HD Hydrogen man shows you how to super megahydrate your body or extreme hydration for your body. Use organic chia seeds, soak them in hydrogen water and have them absorb this amazing water, which will bring even more amazing molecular hydrogen to the deepest parts of your body, providing amazing/healing/much needed hydration. The combination of H2 water from the 2019 Lourdes Hydrofix premium with chia seeds soaking up the goodness is simply amazing. I hope you guys enjoy this info.

And here is the link for the minerals I use / recommend for remineralizing my distilled water. https://amzn.to/2JAU0wz

People have been asking the best way to purify water or the way I do it. I distill my water and then remineralize the water. Here is a link to the best distiller company and distillers that I have found. Hope this answers everyones questions. http://www.myaquanui.com/?a_aid=839918 Update: https://youtu.be/4khEXmxAXQ0

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