10 Dieting Mistakes – Why You're Not Losing Weight!

These Common Diet Mistakes Can Slow Down Your Metabolism And Prevent Weight Loss
1. Skipping meals
Many people are under a impression that starving or skipping meals can help you lose weight. This is not true at all. Skipping meals will slow down your metabolism which will not help in weight loss. Therefore, you must not skip your meals instead aim for healthy and balanced meals.

2. Following fad diets
Following fad diets for quick weight loss is the new trend everyone seems to follow. Fad diets lack one or more nutrient and focus on only one food group at times. This may not lead to healthy weight loss. These diets aid in short-term weight loss and can lead to poor health outcomes. It is better not to follow these diets.

3. No cheat meals
After all the strict diet you abide by, it becomes important for you to indulge in your cheat meal. When on a weight loss program, having a cheat meal in between is absolutely fine. You can eat whatever you want to, but be mindful of the portion.

4. Lack of fluids
Drinking water and other fluids helps you manage your appetite. This is because thirst and hunger are often confused. Therefore, healthy drinks like fruit or vegetable juice, lemon water or coconut water can help you lose weight and are beneficial for weight loss.

5. Not eating enough fiber and proteins
Time and again we have read, proteins and fiber help in quick and healthy weight loss. This is because both the nutrients promote fullness which further helps you from overeating in the next meal. Thus, your diet should include lot of fruits, vegetables, eggs, chicken and dairy products in your diet.

6. Not eating enough whole grains
Whole grains are again a must in your diet if your trying to lose weight. Grains like brown rice, millets, oats, pseudo-grains or wheat should be a part of your weight loss diet.

7. Eliminating carbohydrates from your diet
Carbohydrates are your body’s main source of energy. Completely eliminating carbs from your diet can lead to heart problems, osteoporosis, an increased risk of cancer, impairment of physical activity, lipid abnormalities. Eating complex carbohydrates, such as high fiber cereal and brown rice can actually help you lose weight by making you feel fuller for longer while consuming fewer calories.

8. Weight loss supplements
In an attempt to lose weight faster, people often make the mistake of consuming weight loss supplements or pills. This should be avoided at all costs as these can have serious side effects. There are no shortcuts to becoming slim and the only way to shed those extra pounds is by exercising and eating healthy and wholesome foods.

10. Diet food or drinks
Replacing natural food with diet foods and drinks can ruin your weight loss plan. Diet foods and drinks may contain fewer calories but the chemicals in them are really harmful for your overall health.
Here are some good weight loss programs, completely natural.
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2 – The 1 Week Diet
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3 – Red Tea Detox
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4 – The 2 Week Diet
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