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10 advantages of dating an older woman. The 5th one is definitely true!

It’s fascinating how some men are drawn to and attract only older woman for dating.

A May-December match can be a big hit and here are 10 reasons why –

1. Experience


An older woman knows her mind and heart, has seen enough man-woman relationships, and probably heartbreaks, to avoid spending time and energy on trivialities which a younger woman is more likely to indulge in. Experience is truly seductive. She knows herself well and understands the dynamics of couple relationships better.

2. More appreciative


She has gone through enough to appreciate the little things that matter in a relationship. This appreciation spills over to everything and adds sparkle to every dynamic of the relationship.

3. Independence


An older woman has established herself in her work and is financially independent, which makes her emotionally independent too. She can take decisions on her own and doesn’t need to cling to her man or look up to him, which a younger woman is likely to. It takes a lot of pressure off a young man’s mind – both financially and emotionally.

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4. Maturity


There are no power games or dealing with drama with an older woman. She is strong enough to deal with her insecurities and fears and won’t throw them back at you in order to escape reality. She will confront her demons and slay them without depending on a younger man and without being an energy vampire.

5. Great between the sheets


An older woman is sexually uninhibited and can give you a real wild time between the sheets. She has no qualms about her body and is comfortable with it and is more open to experimentation. She can actually teach a younger man loads about lovemaking and great sex.

6. Enjoys younger men


Older woman are likely to have a ‘thing’ for younger men. They enjoy them more as the appreciation and attention they get from them is more than they are likely to get from men of their age. This flattery is likely to make them feel more sexy and will get translated into fuelling their interactions with more passion and excitement.

7. More accepting and forgiving


Because they have seen more ups and downs in life, older woman are likely to be more flexible when it comes to forgiveness and acceptance.

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8. The learning curve


There is no one better to learn the nuances of a man-woman relationship dynamic from than an older woman. You can truly open up yourself to learn more about yourself and women in general while being with an older woman.

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9. More intelligent


Being with an older woman saves you a lot of energy and time over explaining things, feelings which you are more likely to do with a younger woman. Her intelligence is a by-product of her age, which means more profound and intelligent conversations to captivate a younger guy, intellectually.

10. She’s sexier


A woman who knows what she wants, is straightforward in asking for it, is her authentic self in a relationship, has figured out a way to look herself well and groom herself – that’s an older woman for you and there’s nothing sexier than being yourself. Older women just know how to be sexier.

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