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The Peter Schiff Present Podcast – Episode 497
Recorded September 2, 2019

Let’s Debunk Andy Yang’s Platform –

I made a decision to take some time out on my Labor Day to report a podcast debunking Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang. I have been getting a number of emails about Yang; particularly since he did the Joe Rogan Podcast about six months in the past.  He stated a number of issues that sure individuals discover interesting, so I have been requested to touch upon him and I’ve seen different notes about Andy Yang and I needed to speak about him as a result of, primary, he’s rising within the polls. He is now in sixth place among the many Democratic candidates; he is polling at about 3% ant that places him forward of established politicians like Cory Booker, Beto O’Rourke, Amy Klobuchar, so he is gaining in recognition and I believe the development goes to proceed.

Yang Rising within the Polls –

The subsequent Democratic Debate is arising in a couple of week and a half and so they’re now not going to have two debates; they’ve narrowed it down to simply ten candidates and Andy Yang is a type of 10.  I believe as there are fewer candidates within the race, Yang goes to get increasingly more consideration from the media and I believe he’s going to rise within the polls.

Enticing Amongst a Bunch of Democratic Socialists –

To me, he’s just like the Bernie Sanders of this marketing campaign. Sanders, and “Feeling the Bern”… he was well-liked within the 2016 marketing campaign, primarily as a result of he was the one different to Hillary Clinton, who was extraordinarily unpopular.  So, provided that matchup and there was solely two selections, it made it very simple for Sanders to realize a number of assist.  He is having a a lot more durable time galvanizing that assist this time as a result of individuals have a number of alternate options. If you need a Democratic Socialist, there is a bunch of them to select from.

Clearly a Good Man… However –

However a man like like Andy Yang, a youthful man, and clearly a sensible man.  I had not watched his look on the Joe Rogan Expertise till simply yesterday.  I made a decision to look at it, and that is the motivation for doing this podcast. As soon as I heard him discuss his concepts, I spent a number of time on his web site taking a look at a number of issues he did not focus on with Joe Rogan.  One factor is actually clear to me: he is a sensible man.  Clearly, in case you gave an IQ take a look at to all the Democratic candidates, Yang would win.

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30 تعليق على “🔴Ep. 497: Andrew Yang Debunked: Free Stuff Is Not Freedom”

  1. 1. The buggy manufacturer analogy isnt a valid argument, the process of making buggies directly transferred MORE jobs into making automobiles. But when it comes to automation, in manufacturing for example, the amount of lost and created are the opposite, it takes less people to maintain a robot, compared to the work that the robot does.
    2. We go to an old saying "cant teach an old dog new tricks" and is true in studies where the success rate of taking someone from on job, to another field, had a success rate of 0 – 15%. So no taking truckers, and turning them into coders for the new automated trucks.
    Just my two cents on his FIRST argument in this podcast ✌

  2. How about we automate jobs in 90% of the manual labor, service industry sector and low cognitive skills sectors, because robots and machine learning can perform better than avg people with low to avg intelligence. Then we'd have widespread unemployment. LoL so yeah the CEOs can lower the costs of goods, but with a high unemployed population, no one will have enough money to keep buying goods no matter how cheap they get. What people gonna do work more government jobs??? LoL. And we know rich people have a lower on avg spending rate than the poor and middle class. So Schiff is thinking the past is prologue. Just like the past industrial revolution, the new 4th industrial revolution, according to Schiff. History does not always repeat itself though, we are dealing with deep learning AI, a new level of machine.

  3. Watched 16 minutes, couldn't go further. You spent most of the time saying how technological advancement puts people out of work, which is a good thing because it frees labor for other tasks. Andrew Yang doesn't disagree with this, as you mentioned, but acknowledges the current climate we're in. In a pre-industrial society, labor could be more easily absorbed into other sectors, because most jobs did not require extensive training. How is a truck driver expected to become a computer programmer, engineer, doctor, etc in our post-industrial society? Many service sector roles available to unskilled workers can hardly pay a working class wage — many people in these roles require government assistance. Further more, many service sector roles have no upward mobility and offer little job security, since it is efficient to fire senior workers and replace them with younger workers. My point: labor absorption into other fields due to technological unemployment becomes much more challenging as roles in our society require increasingly sophisticated specializations. The premise of "things have always been this way and they will continue to be this way" is shockingly ignorant of what we can easily observe. What you are ultimately advocating for is neo-fudalism, where the majority of citizens are turned into modern day serfs who serve the extremely wealthy that own everything. That is not freedom to me nor many others. If reason cannot prevail, and there can be no alternative other than slavery, then we will have war. No one wants this, but Americans will resist being turned into slaves under any convoluted scheme or name.

  4. Greg Mankiw endorsed the idea of a UBI and VAT…One of the world's renowned & respected economist..the guy who wrote your economics textbook so who are you to tell me otherwise? You are just riding the wave,trying to get some attention because everyone is talking about him…Even Elon Musk….Yang even has has a degree in economics

  5. I think you need to revisit the freedom dividend and welfare relationship yang proposes because it’s at that point in your podcast that you explode. But I’m pretty sure you are wrong Pete. If you’re receiving $500 in welfare and want the freedom dividend you give up your welfare and get the $1000 instead. A lot of dems take issue with yang for this very reason and a lot of conservatives like him for this reason. This will take the strain off the welfare spending and make the freedom dividend more affordable.

  6. People actually listen to this guy ? 10 mins in at 3x speed and all I heard was just shit talk about Andrew Yang… lol skipped… what a waste of time and your voice is annoying. Run for office and make a world a better place otherwise STFU!!!

  7. Just to be clear… is he saying that if government got out of the way… then walmart would stop using self serve kiosks??? This is ridiculous.. not every thing happening in the country is due to government influence.

  8. The Freedom Dividend would Grow the Economy Andrew Yang is NOT Some Crazy Guy Wanting to give Everyone a $1000 He is Very Smart. The Bull Shit reagan Trickle down Economics was Supposed to have the Wealthy Business Owner Spend the Money they Were GIVEN to Hire New Employees Pay them a Wage and thus the Money Circulates through the Economy. Instead These Rich People get Tax Breaks and add that to their Big Pile of cash Which Don't Circulate through the Economy and in Today's World of A.I. and Robots when they do Spend the Money They were GIVEN they spend it on Automation Remember The Carrier Corp. furnace factory in Indianapolis that trump GAVE Millions to Save 1,100 Jobs, Three Day's Later the CEO of Carrier Said in an Interview that those Millions of Dollars from trump would be Spent on Automation. And the Robots They are Replacing Humans with are NOT Complaining about a Pay Raise or Spending money on Child care Nor Car Repairs.. Money is the Blood Supply of an Economy if it Don't Circulate the Economy Dies. Read about Milton Freedman's "Helicopter Money which Ben Bernake Reference's in a 2002 Speech also Japan Considered this to Boost their Economy in 2016. yang2020.com

  9. how can you say yang is smart? he is a fucking moron! you watch this guy at the debates? he is an SNL character! SNL should let him come on the show every week so he can play himself! especially since the guy who plays him sucks!

  10. Schiff is right on FED, but he's dead wrong on invisible hand, so as he has no idea about automation because he's a financial man. The guy worth 250mil dollar would not understand 78% normal people living paycheck to paycheck.

  11. This guy is full of BS. As sweeping as Yang's FD and as many policies as Yang is proposing, of course, there will be pockets of shortcomings here and there. He nick picking but totally neglect the numerous benefits of FD to society. The big picture is it fixes income inequality, ease job loss due to automation, and trickle-up economy. This is a guy who runs an asset management company. Of course, FD will not friendly toward stock transaction or if you're a day trader but if you're a buy and hold stock investor you'll be fine. He neglects to mention that 50% of American own zero stocks and 80% own 8%. Moron…..

  12. I love how he does these anecdotal stories about "Imagine some guy with a million dollar worth of stocks, who wants to sell these stocks all the time, and can you imagine how bad it would be if his successful transaction and moneymaking was marginally worse." but talks about the poor as a big vague group without a face. What a fucking joke my dude, I don't care about that person who in your very specifically set up scenario MIGHT not make as many millions trading. That's like his big sympathy moment – about as human an emotion as I heard in this whole thing. That poor millionaire! He only has 100k in his account and 1mil in stock!

    Have you no empathy, poors? Do you not see that 50% of America not being able to afford $500 unexpected bills is a necessary condition for my hypothetical stock trader to make more money? It is cruel and stupid to want to punish that guy, poors. Stop being mean, poors. Stop being stupid, poors.

  13. Gotta love a "smart guy" who is all "this is dumb, that is dumb, this is dumb" lol, quite a way with words. Can't stand cocky people that are all dismissive like that. Never liked Schiff's attitude, never will. Smart people don't use the word dumb that often, and definitely not to dismiss arguments from someone as smart and well spoken as Andrew Yang.

  14. The underlying goal of a potential Yang administration is to undermine the central banking system via a strategy known as ‘accelerationism’. There are libertarians who support Yang for this reason — its a mathematical and destructive approach to starve the state of the monetary system.

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