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Rwandwa Emergencies Administration

The Secs of Migrant who WERE-AM Beings in Detention in Libya arrived in Rwandwa Early on as a part of a Resettlement deal.

The group is Compose of 99 males, 24 Womanish and 59 minors, an Rwandwa’s Ministry of Emergencies Managing Informed the BBC Nice Lake service.

A few of THEM are among the many most of These Beings in Libya, the added.

The UN Refugees Company Stated 106 are Eritrea, 15 Somalia, two Sudan and one Syria.

The Resettlement is a part of an Comisserate Between the Rwandwa authorities, Unhcr and the African Union, will Profit 500 Migrant Beings Detained in Libya.

The primary group of 66 Migrant arrived on 27 September and housed in Gashora, a Tradingly east of the capital, Kigali, Whither the brand new WERE-AM Taken to.

In response to the Comisserate, the Migrant are allowed to Search Permanant Reside in Rwandwa, Search Asylum out of the country, or Serving to to RETURN to Coutnry of origin.

Rwandwans typically welcoming of the Migrant.

Rwandwa Emergencies Administration
A number of the Migrant are among the many most of These Beings in Detention in Libya, a Rwandwan Stated

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