5 methods to recuperate from flu

1. Ask about antivirals

If you’re starting to indicate flu signs, you’ll be able to ask your physician about prescription antiviral drugs akin to oseltamivir (offered as Tamiflu) and zanamivir (Relenza). Each work by blocking an enzyme that helps the virus infect new cells. These medicine are best for those who take them inside 48 hours of your first signs and may shorten your bout of flu by a day, though the chance of side-effects imply they won’t at all times be prescribed. It’s notably essential to request antivirals when you have a situation akin to diabetes or coronary heart illness that will increase the chance of problems.

2. Get plenty of sleep

Research has proven that getting loads of sleep retains the immune system wholesome and is essential to the physique’s capacity to maintain white blood cell counts excessive and battle infections. It could possibly additionally assist stop you from getting flu within the first place, particularly when you have had a flu jab, because the physique will then have the ability to produce extra antibodies to answer the immunisation and shield you.

3. Watch what you drink and eat

Whether or not it’s scorching soup, water or fruit juice, many specialists consider you will need to drink a minimal of eight 250ml cups of fluid a day throughout a bout of flu. Frequent flu signs akin to sweating and runny noses improve the quantity of water your physique loses, so maintaining your fluid consumption prevents dehydration. Consuming additionally relieves congestion, stopping mucus increase in your lungs, which might result in pneumonia. Meals excessive in vitamin C, akin to kiwifruit and inexperienced peppers, in addition to these wealthy within the antioxidant beta-carotene, akin to carrots, candy potatoes and squash, might help enhance your immune system.

4. Maintain heat and keep house

Staying heat whenever you first go down with flu helps the physique protect its vitality for the immune battle. Consultants suggest staying house from work and resting till you might be fever-free for at the least 24 hours to keep away from passing on the virus. This could additionally scale back the chance of creating problems akin to pneumonia.

5. Strive NAC dietary supplements

N-acetyl L-cysteine (NAC) is a robust antioxidant. Analysis has proven it could scale back each the period and severity of flu by boosting immunity, lowering respiratory mucus and inhibiting the ability of the virus to replicate.

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