Spouse of disabled trucker with PTSD to be compensated for nursing providers | TruckersReport.com Trucking Discussion board

i’ve not solely seen unhealthy wrecks, however precise scattered physique components. i had really seen (in a development zone) a employee that was crushed to demise, by a backing dump truck, and his METAL security helmet was flatter than a pancake, and brains and blood splattered.

i’ve seen truck cabs completely off the body and the physique on the street in a number of items.

i’ve seen a “u-haul” in CT close to the stamford space, the engine block was on the freeway, and the household of 4(??) perished..( @Puppage could recollect that one) some years in the past??? perhaps not.

so i too have seen many wrecks, and i feel i deserve incapacity now too.


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