15 Issues Your Hair Is Making an attempt to Inform You About Your Well being

Whereas most individuals are conscious of the dangerous results of UV rays on the skin, many overlook the truth that the identical goes for his or her hair. In response to the Cleveland Clinic, in case your hair has extended publicity to the solar, UVA and UVB rays can injury the cuticle, the surface cowl of the hair strand. The result’s lackluster, brittle, and dry hair.

“In case you are somebody with dry, brittle hair, you may need overexposed it to chlorine or solar,” says Kopelman. The mixture of chlorine and solar is particularly potent: Chlorine opens up the cuticle, and UV rays can infiltrate extra simply. Fortunately, defending your self isn’t a tall order. Put on a hat within the solar and in the event you take a dip, rinse your hair out with recent water after.

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