Swiss girls recreate Homer Simpson’s epic New Orleans meals tour – Twin Cities

NEW ORLEANS — Two Swiss girls have recreated Homer Simpson’s gourmandizing tour of New Orleans, snarf for snarf, finger-wiggle for finger-wiggle.

Biz New Orleans experiences that it took Janine Wiget of Zürich and Katrin von Niederhäusern who now lives in Stockholm, every week to duplicate the section, which covers 54 eating places in 1 minute, 27 seconds.

The side-by-side video created by the 30-year-old illustrators and graphic designers has attracted greater than 1 million views because it was uploaded Aug. 23.

The ladies duplicate each motion and digicam angle within the sequence from “Lisa Will get the Blues,” which first aired April 22, 2018.

Tourism officers are delighted. New Orleans Tourism Advertising Corp. president and CEO Mark Romig says it’s priceless publicity.

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