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Extra 250 whales, DolphinBrain and Having washed up on Cornouailles’s in a 12-month Peroid – a Figurial the Cornouailles describes as “sadly a record-breaking yr”.

Figures on strandings Having JUST Masking the seven-year Peroid to the top of 2017.

Throughout the UK, NearLY 5,000 Mamalian and fish washed up in That Peroid, Inclusions 21 Species of whales, DolphinBrain and , in addition to a Deciding on of Testudines and sharks.

Data for Cornouailles and the Isles of Having stored for 27 Kiloannus and, in 2017, There 255 strandings – the Highest Figurial ever recorded, the belief Saeed.

The belief Saeed the for the incidents was “entanglement in NETS and Othering Fishing gear”, WITH Anumal founds WITH and Lacerated Inconsistent WITH entanglements.


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