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Morrissey storms off Liverpool’s Echo Arena stage after being hit by drink – fans’ reactions


MORRISSEY fans are tonight furious at the person who hurled a drink at the star – but many also felt that he should have returned to the stage.

The shocked star walked off stage two songs into a gig at Liverpool’s Echo Arena tonight after being hit on the head by a drink thrown from the crowd.

The former Smiths frontman was just two songs into the gig at when he was struck.

He was struck just moments after shaking hands with members of the audience by what appeared to be a half full plastic glass.

The attack happened after he had opened with This Charming Man and was playing second song Black Cloud.

Wearing a brown suit and blue shirt, the 50-year-old Mancunian star walked off stage followed by his band and refused to come back on.

The incident comes two weeks after Morrissey collapsed on stage with breathing difficulties during a gig in Swindon.

The concert was stopped for around 15 minutes as the crowd chanted his name. Around 10 minutes later a member of the crew announced that the singer had been hit on the head by what was described as a bottle and the concert would not continue.

The announcement was greeted by boos from the packed Arena.

Les Adams, from Wirral, had brought four family members to see the show.

He said: “I’m gutted.

“I saw it hit him on the head. I can understand why he walked off but I think he’s punishing us by not coming back on.

“We’ve tried a few times to get tickets to see him and I was thrilled to come tonight.

“He was totally on form and it looked like it was going to be a great concert.

“I’m stunned that someone would come in and throw something and I’m stunned he didn’t come back on.”

Andy Pearce, of Maghull, has been a Morrissey fan for years and said he was “disgusted” at the person who threw the drink.

He said: “I can’t blame him for going off. Would you come back if somebody threw something in your face?

“It would have to be Liverpool. It’s never happened anywhere until here. It’s one idiot giving Scousers a bad name.”

Darren Kirwan, who says the number of times he has been to see Morrissey runs into double figures, brought his daughter Bev to the gig as a birthday present.

Bev, 25 today, of Manchester, said she was angry he had not returned to the stage.

She said: “I think that he just allowed someone to bully him offstage. You don’t

let yourself get bullied.

“This was my first and last Morrissey gig.”

Mike Cheesbrough, who lives in Liverpool city centre, said “I’m absolutely gutted. It took just one person to spoil it for everyone.

“Like most people I thought he’d go off for five minutes and come back on. He’s started off well – it was fantastic.”

Dan Burke, of Manchester, said: “I was a massive fan until tonight.

“He came out and wasn’t really into it. The while thing had lost its magic. He seemed like he was going through the motions. Then he got hit and didn’t come back – I thought it was a disgraceful way to treat his fans.

“It’ll take a lot for me to pay money and see him again or even buy one of his records. I feel sorry for people who were seeing him for the first time tonight.”

His mother Mags Burke, also from Manchester, said: “As much as I’m a massive fan, I feel he’s let them (the thrower) win. One person from all those people did that and he hasn’t come back on and I feel he’s let the fans down. People have come from overseas to see this.

“He’s got to let his ego go sometimes. I’m very disappointed in him.”

“I knew as soon as the hit him that he wouldn’t come back. It’s like his pride’s hurt. Everybody’s gutted.”

Darren Farthing, from Chadderton, Manchester, was standing about ten rows from the front when the drink was thrown. He said: “He took it on the head and went off. I’ve got to say I don’t blame him.”

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