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Valentine’s Day special: Liverpool celebrities recall the moment their loved ones popped the question


CORONATION Street villain Andrew Lancel took his girlfriend on a romantic getaway to Paris and got down on one knee.

Andrew, who plays evil Frank Foster in the soap, says: “I proposed to Louise on top of the Eiffel Tower on Bastille Day in 2002.

“I had the ring my pocket and I thought she could see it. So in the final tiny elevator I pretended to be scared so she gave me a hug and I moved it to another pocket.

“Up there it was busy but I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. It was magical.”

Andrew, who has a four-year-old son Isaac with dance teacher Louise Edge, said: “I’ll never forget it. She said yes!”

JENNIFER Ellison couldn’t stop smiling when she came home from the Maldives with her man and a sparkling new diamond ring.

The actress had wanted to marry semi-pro boxer Robbie Tickle and he popped the question while they were on holiday in October 2008.

Jennifer says: “Rob got so emotional. It was very romantic. When I walked in the room, there was a flower arrangement on the bed and written in petals was ‘Marry Me’.

“He got down on one knee and I just burst into tears and he asked me if that was a yes. I said: ‘Of course it is’.

“I was crying tears of joy. I’d never really seen him crying. It was so lovely. My advice to any man is that it happens once in your life so don’t hold back. Rob did get emotional and that meant the most to me.

“I was over the moon. And I couldn’t wait for us to get married.”

The couple, who have a two-year-old son Bobby, got married in a secret ceremony in Mauritius in October 2009.

WHEN comedian and TV host Paddy McGuinness popped the question to his girlfriend, Liverpool model Christine Martin, he got a definite ‘likey’ reply.

The Take Me Out frontman asked former Miss Liverpool Christine to be his wife on Christmas Eve 2009.

Christine, from Halewood, reveals that he made his proposal after they’d opened all their presents.

“We always open our pressies at midnight because Patrick can’t wait and there was just a card left,” remembers the 23-year-old brunette. “He’d asked me to leave it to the last and then when I saw it, it said ‘to my fiancee.’

“I thought he’d just gone into the shop and not looked properly, but when I turned round to say ‘you idiot, you’ve picked the wrong one’ he was down on one knee!”

The pair, who live just outside Bolton in a house they designed themselves, were married last June at Thornton Manor in Wirral. “I’m a very lucky man,” admits 38-year-old Paddy.

LIVERPOOL footballer Charlie Adam had gone to great lengths to plan the perfect proposal to his girlfriend Sophie-Leigh Anderson.

But when it came to the moment, he just couldn’t wait.

“He told my mum he was just so nervous he had to do it straight away,” smiles 21-year-old model and former Miss England contestant Sophie.

The couple, who will marry in June, were introduced three years ago by mutual friends and, 10 months later, the Reds midfielder decided to ask her to become Mrs Adam.

“We’d spoken about getting married but I had no idea he was going to propose and I definitely didn’t expect him to do it that night,” says Sophie. “I’d been to pick up a puppy for my friend and I was busy making a fuss of it.

“Charlie had been with my mum to choose a ring, and he’d booked our favourite hotel in the Lakes for the following night. But he couldn’t wait, so when we went downstairs and my mum and dad were there with my three brothers and sisters, he got down on one knee in the kitchen.

“At first I thought he was joking but then I saw his face and knew he was really doing it and, because we’re both very family-orientated people, it was perfect.”

RICKY Tomlinson pauses when asked to recall the romantic occasion when he proposed to his second wife, Rita. Then he says, softly: “It was Rita who proposed . . . she shoved a shotgun down my trousers and said ‘You’ve got a choice. Do you want to stay a man and marry me, or join me as a female?’

“I gave in – well, she had me by the short and curlies!”

It’s just possible that the actor and comedian isn’t being serious, and he continues: “I remember going down on one knee and saying to Rita . . . ‘I’m getting on a bit, would you do me the honour of helping me up?’ ”

But Ricky, who tied the knot with Rita (also his manager) in 2003, sounds much more serious when he says: “I decided to take the plunge again and it’s been great. Rita’s my best mate and we have a laugh. She does everything for me – I’m crap. People ask me if I cook – I couldn’t even boil water.

“It’s been gear . . . but how long before I get parole?”

ACTOR, writer and film-maker Neil Fitzmaurice says: “I’ve been married to Angela for 10 years – I just woke up one day and I was handcuffed!

“Actually, neither of us can recall the exact details, but Angela did say if I bought her an engagement ring she’d get me a season ticket for Anfield – I’m still waiting! The ECHO played a part, because I won the ECHO’s Stand Up of The Year contest in 1996 – and the cash prize from that went towards the engagement ring I bought.

“So although we’ve been together for 23 years, we didn’t get engaged until 1996 and didn’t get married until 2002. The wedding ceremony took place in Barbados, in the gardens of this beautiful big castle. The music from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves was being played on steel drums and we were married by a guy called the Reverend Ricky Orlando Curtain, who was sitting in a wicker chair looking like a James Bond villain – so I’m not even sure it was official!”

The couple have four children – Joshua, 11, Tony, nine, Daniel, six and Connor, five – and Neil adds: “Josh was only coming up to two at the time, but he was still my best man. He even wore a miniature version of my wedding suit. It was a beautiful day.”

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